Mystic Balloon sends a "kid" on his way to collect coins. On his path he has to avoid spikes and strange walkers, trying to punch holes in his balloons. Those balloons are all the kid has and without them he's lost. They help him to reach higher places and get across wide gaps. Every room hides a key to unlock the staircase leading to the next room. Can you help "balloon kid" find the last room ?

Game Play


Use the directions buttons to go left and right. Use up and down to move the camera.

With the B button you jump and when you press and hold mid-air you'll start floating. The game start with 3 balloons, representing your life. When you get hit, you'll lose a balloon/life.

Pressing A button makes you suck in air and enemies to regain a balloon, or it might help you get those coins closer .

Press DOWN together with the A button to Pause the game.



Kid: A strange little fella with 3 balloons as important to him as his life. Go guide him !



Walkers: Even stranger little fellas. They hate balloons and want to pop every one they see.

Spikes: Pointy things sticking out in all directions. Watch it with those balloons.



Fans: While floating around with balloons, these fans will you push you to higher ground.

Coins: What's more important than money... oh wait... ah well... collect them all.

Key: Every door has a key to fit, without it, nobody can leave the room.

Door: When you've finally found that key, it will open a door... bringing you to... another room.