The tile sheet converter tool.

You can use this tool to convert 1 sheet of tiles as 1 picture into an array of bytes. This array can be put in your code, so that you can use it to show a bigger image built up with these tiles, on the arduboy screen.

The specificaton of the image.

The image must have the following characteristics:

- a tile sheet has 1 column of tiles vertically arranged

- the top tile is the first one, bottom tile the last one

- 100% pure black and 100% pure white pixels.(transparant pixels will be converted into black pixels)

- height and width needs to be a multiple of 8. (8x8, 16x16, 24x24,32x32)

- a tile has to be square

- naming is very specifiek: nameTileSheet_widthOfTilexheightOfTile (example: myTileSheet_8x8)

The Function(s) you could use with this array.

To show this picture on the arduboy screen, you should use the function