The image converter tool.

You can use this tool to convert 1 picture as 1 piece into an array of bytes. This array can be put in your code, so that you can show the picture on the arduboy screen.

The specificaton of the image.

The image must have the following characteristics:

- 100% pure black and 100% pure white pixels.(transparant pixels will be converted into black pixels)

- height needs to be a multiple of 8.

- width does not have to be a multiple of 8

- naming is very specifiek: nameImage_widthxheight (example: myImage_120x32)

The Function(s) you could use with this array.

To show this picture on the arduboy screen, you should use the function drawSelfMasked, but make sure you have updated the Arduboy2 library to at least version 3.1.1.

          drawSelfMasked(xPostion, yPosition, myImage, 0);